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ALINCO IT provides innovative,  cost-effective “ IT Outsource ” solutions for LARGE businesses, small businesses and any-size in between.

To learn more about how we can service your company's IT needs, please explore our services;

  • Professional Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Procurement Services
  • IT as a Service

Or contact us @ 714-736-8868 or email us: sales@alinco.net and analyst will contact you.

Professional Services

We are committed to providing our customers with best in class service. With over 35 years of industry experience, our staff has the necessary knowledge and background to support most business models and projects.

Proven services and excellence with the right people to support you:


  • Implementation Services
  • System Integration
  • Managed Services
  • HelpDesk Services



Cloud Services

Cloud Services is an integral part  of today's  cost cutting and growth initiatives.  Having a hard time deciding on who and how?

We can walk you through your options, guide and mentor you in building your cloud model:

  • Private Cloud Support
  • Partner Cloud Services
  • Public Cloud Services

We specialize in integrating legacy applications to the cloud.  Contact us: sales@alinco.net

Procurement Services

Alinco IT, Inc. is an authorized reseller for most major hardware  and software manufacturers, and  can help customers obtain new  technology equipment at competitive, cost-effective prices and on time.

By  drawing upon our broad knowledge and history with computer products across multiple platforms, we  can assist customers in determining  the right hardware and software that will best suit their company needs.

We can tailor a solution to meet your financial requirements:

  • capex or opex
  • Finance or Lease
  • Hard as a Service



IT as a Service

IT as a Service is our flagship service, based on the culmination of all our deliverables, our wealth of knowledge and experience from 36 years of  IT Services across industries.  Putting the science of IT Outsource to work and in the process, continue to learn, adapt and innovate.

  • We will learn your business intimately
  • Present and migrate to an ideal IT Model
  • We will Monitor, Manage and Enforce
  • We will work with you to manage your 365 IT Business Cycle.