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Alinco IT Adds the Programming Expertise of Bradley Dean

BREA, California – (December, 2011)  In order to kick-start our application development department, Alinco IT is pleased to announce that we have brought on Bradley Dean. Bradley has been programming since the age of seven, when he first hacked his Atari 800XL and learned BASIC. Since the mid 90’s, he has been involved as network admin and programmer. For nearly ten years, Bradley worked as a programmer and Technology director for a company that did outsourced work for Directv. Bradley led the development of an application for order entry for Directv, which they still use today. Later, he worked for Comcast, programming in Microsoft Silverlight as a senior developer; creating a program to display real-time call statistics. Bradley’s last position was as a senior developer for INVISION, where he programmed in C#. He created a program for the scheduling of commercial advertisements. Bradley has expertise in Microsoft Visual Basics, C#, ASP and Microsoft.NET. He is also proficient in JAVA.
Bradley Dean Bradley loves the challenge of learning new programming languages and the constantly changing landscape of technology and application development. He is motivated by challenging problems and enjoys finding and creating solutions to fix a clients problems or needs. Bradley is also interested in creating niche applications and developing programming solutions to address unmet needs.

We are excited about working with Bradley and what his experience and expertise can bring to Alinco for the benefit of our customers!

We encourage our customers and partners to present us with any application programming challenges you might have or even any ideas for developing niche applications to suite a novel or imperative need in yours and other organizations.

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